Encryption & Frequencies

Military-grade encryption = 100% hack-proof! Reliable frequencies = stable performance!
Encryption algorithms used in StarLine products are the stongest on the market, making our products literally unhackabe; resistant to any and all code scanners and grabbers currently known. StarLine equipment uses stable frequencies, -- the product will perform reliably under any conditions.

Types of Encryption

There are 2 types of encryption currently used in OEM and aftermarket vehicle security systems - dynamic (rolling / hopping code a.k.a. Keeloq) and dialogue encryption. Let's look at them in more detail...

Static (Fixed) Code Authorisation

No longer in use


Rolling (Dynamic) Code Authorisation

Used in factory car alarms, keyless entry cars, and genetic aftermarket alarms


Dialogue (Multilayered) Code Authorisation

Used in new-generation premium vehicle security systems

The Diffie-Hellman Dialogue Encryption

There is no stronger encryption available today than that used in StarLine's vehicle security products!

The Diffie-Hellman algorithm is used for safe and hack-proof assignment of control devices (remote control / fob / tag / pager / phone registration) to the vehicle security system.

One of the fundamental cryptography issues is secure data exchange through the communication channel. Messages must be encrypted and decrypted, but, the one condition for this exchange to be hack-proof, is that both – the sender and the receiver of the data – must have a common ‘key’ that is used as a ‘password’ that only the two can know. If this ‘key’ (password) is transmitted via the same communication channel, it can be intercepted by a third party, rendering encryption entirely pointless.

StarLine security systems with Dialogue encryption use a modern and highly reliable communication channel for data transmission; the channel is built on a single-chip transceiver. This allows for instant and accurate Dialogue exchange, while encryption keys (128-bits long; individual for each system), offer military-grade security and resistance to digital theft.

The StarLine Tags & Pagers

The StarLine ID Tag

BluetoothSmart | 2.4Ghz | Dialogue Encryption

StarLine driver ID tags are resistant to all forms of hacking and cannot be cloned or otherwise compromised.

The tag can be used on it’s own or in addition to other owner authentication methods.

For those who don’t want to carry a tag at all, owner’s smartphone can be paired with the system and used the same way as an ID tag, using the same secure and reliable communication channel and military-grade encryption.

Click on the “Information” icon over the image for specifications.

StarLine 2-Way Pagers

RF 868Mhz | Dialogue Encryption w/ Individual 128-Bit Keys

StarLine 2-way pagers use the strongest possible encryption and are resistant to all known code-grabbers, relay boxes, and any other form of digital theft.

A StarLine pager, beside 2-way communication, can also be used as additional driver authentication for another layer of security.

Click on the “Information” icon over the image for specifications.

Financial Guarantee

StarLine offers a 55K reward to anyone able to break the encryption used in our products.

At StarLine, we are confident that the dialogue encryption used in our products the strongest available on the market today, and we expect that this encryption will not be compromised in at least the next decade. The company offers GBP 55K reward to anyone able to break this encryption.

It is estimated that it would take hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of world’s most powerful mainframes to go over all the possible number combinations of the AES 128-bit individual encryption key.

More importantly, even if the algorithm is solved (which in itself is highly improbable) – the combination obtained will only work on one individual product, not the entire range of products using this encryption.

Takeaway Points
Remember: relying on factory security or a one-fits-all aftermarket product isn't a smart choice. The only way to secure a vehicle is to build a bespok multi-layered package. OEM alarms and generic aftermarket products can be compromised by thieves in seconds.

Contact your local StarLine security specialist for free expert advise on securing your vehicle the proper way!