Connected Car Services

Advanced tracking solutions anyone can afford -- because it's free!

Join #ConnectedCarsUK with StarLine's subscription-free vehicle tracking satellite services.

With the purchase and installation of one of our ConnectedCar packages (GPS-GLONASS), including alarm-based systems and tracking devices, you will also be able to track and monitor your vehicle in real-time — see it as it moves on a live map, and have access to detailed travel histories for a selected period of time.

Our tracking algorithms are highly advanced to ensure extra precise location detection – <2m. We use a combination of GPS and GLONASS satellite services as well as our own patented technologies to make sure that you can locate and track your vehicle with unparalleled precision – the service is designed to remain stable regardless of weather conditions and other environmental interferences.

Subscription-Based vs. Self-Managed Tracking

Eliminate the middle man and save hundreds of pounds!

Self-managed tracking is no different to subscription-based tracking, except that the ‘middle man’ is eliminated; the ‘middle man’ being a company you pay subscription costs to. If the system detects a security violation or the vehicle leaves a pre-set geozone, it will alert the ‘middle man’, and the middle man will, in turn, alert you. With self-managed tracking, the system will alert you directly.

What's The Catch?

There is no catch when it comes to StarLine’s live tracking service – it’s not free for ‘the first 6 months’,  ‘free with limited features’, or ‘free for a single vehicle’. 

The service is free for life and you gain full access to all the premium features at StarLine’s ConnectedCars network — for as long as you continue using the system. There are no subscription costs for the tracking service; the only costs you incur are standard SIM card charges. You can select the operator of your choice.

You can add an unlimited number of vehicles to your account and manage them all from a single location (if there is more than one vehicle at your household that has a StarLine security system fitted to it).

The security system can also be transferred to another vehicle; it will not affect existing services in any way 🙂


How Self-Managed Tracking Works

Self-managing your subscription-free tracking service couldn't be easier!

With a self-managed tracking service, you simply maintain a standard SIM card — the same way you currently do with your mobile phone’s SIM card.

You can use a pay-as-you-go or a pre-paid SIM card from an operator of your choice (ex. Virgin Mobile,Three, GiffGaff, etc.).

The SIM card for full-spectrum GSM/GPS-GLONASS vehicle security systems will need to have phone calls, text messages, and data, whereas for tracking devices a data-only SIM will suffice.

You can use your own SIM card, or obtain one from your StarLine installer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This will be done for you by your StarLine technician at installation.

The same exact way you top up your mobile phone’s SIM card balance. You will normally have an online account with your operator, where you can log-in and manage the SIM card.

This will depend on each person’s individual usage of the system i.e. how often you contact the vehicle, receive notifications, access the app., etc.

Statistically, a balance of £20 can last 6 months to a year, considering moderate to heavy everyday use of 2-way communication with the vehicle.

The same thing that happens if you stop topping up your mobile phone’s SIM card – you are no longer able to make phone calls / send text messages / go online, hence – if the SIM card inside your vehicle has zero balance, you will not be able to communicate remotely with your vehicle or access settings without being near the vehicle.

The security system retains all of its protective features. If the SIM card has no balance, you only lose the ability to communicate with the vehicle remotely i.e. the system will not be able to call / send text messages to you to report a security violation, and you won’t be able to access cloud services if there’s no mobile internet access.

The system will continue working as a standard car alarm system, retaining all of its security features, except for two way communication.

The StarLine GSM smartphone app. will not work if the SIM card has negative balance, therefore – you will not be able to access it remotely, but you can still access all the same settings through the app. via Bluetooth — you need to be in or near the vehicle i.e. within Bluetooth range) – 1-5 meters from the vehicle.

You can use Demo Mode to log-in and see the features in action.