Why Choose StarLine?

The market is over-saturated with all forms of security products, which can make it difficult for the end-user to make a choice. What makes StarLine different? Here are a few things that make us stand out šŸ™‚

Over 30 Years Experience

The company was established in 1988, and with over 3 decades expertise in automotive security, is the largest vehicle security manufacturer in Europe and with over 1,000 staff members.

Full Production Cycle

StarLine is the largest enterprise of its kind in Europe, and there are no other manufacturers of vehicle security equipment in Europe (and possibly the word), that could match StarLine’s production plant. We have invested millions to have the latest equipment by world’s leading brands, and established a production facility that is 90% automated (excluding any chance for human error). StarLine produces most components in-house, including plastic components and cables, so we have full control over the quality of our products, unlike manufacturers who source components for their products from third parties.


Unlike many (most) companies in our trade, we have an entirely different philosophy when it comes to vehicle security. Our objective is not sell you a product. Our objective is to secure your vehicle. We supply our products only to those installers, who meet our criteria, both – in terms of technical expertise, as well as moral values. We partner with companies who share our vision instead of those who are interested in offering quick fixes and generic solutions. Our products are designed for those, who are experts in their trade, and genuinely care about you – the customer.

Continuous Innovation

StarLine is a brand that never stops progressing. As criminals get smarter and employ different strategies and theft methods, and modern vehicles become more complex, it is of paramount importance not only to keep the product current, but, in fact, to predict market trends ahead of time. StarLine products are based on current research, and designed for error-free installation on modern vehicles.

Award-Winning Solutions

StarLine has acquired over 30 international awards since 2012; not only for our cutting-edge products, but also our state-of-the-art production facility, our contributions to the open-source community, training programmes for young aspiring engineers, and assistance to legal bodies with the integration of driver assistance / autonomous driving technologies.


We have very rigid quality control procedures, and we trace every single product from A to Z (as it’s production begins, to the point it reaches the end user). Every StarLine product has a barcode that holds vital information about that particular product. This helps us combat counterfeit and grey imports, and to ensure our customers are getting a genuine product, and will receive any support necessary in their respective location from authorised representatives.

Trusted by Millions

StarLine products are used in 50+ counties. It is estimated that there are currently nearly 20 million active users of StarLine’s automotive security products worldwide. In 2020, StarLine broke the world record for the number of stattelite service users at StarLine’s Connected Cars network – there were 2,000,000 active members as of December 2020.

Military Grade Encryption

StarLine uses military-grade Diffie-Hellman-based encryption that is 100% hack-proof. There is no electronic device currently known that could compromise the StarLine encryption. StarLine offers a reward of Ā£60,000 to anyone who is able to solve our encryption algorithms. StarLine tags and pagers use dialogue (as opposed to dynamic or rolling) code, which is immune to any code-grabbing device, meaning that StarLine tags / pagers cannot be scanned / cloned.

Exclusive Network of Installers

StarLine does not sell to “anyone who wants to buy”! We guarantee our customers that their installation of our product(s) will be performed by UK’s top vehicle security experts. We have very strict criteria when it comes to approving dealers; we make sure that only the most competent and experienced installers receive the StarLine Partner ID. So when you choose StarLine, you are not only choosing a quality product, you are also guaranteed that your vehicle will be handled by a realiable and trustworthy installer with a proven track record — who has passed the strictest of criteria to make it into the StarLine Partner’s Network.


StarLine not only supply aftermarket security products to individual vehicle owners and fleet managers; we also produce OEM equipment for over 30 global vehicle manufacturers, such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Lexus, VW, Nissan, Skoda, Kia, Vauxhall, Honda, Renault / Peugeot, Fiat / Abarth, Mazda, and many others. StarLine vehicle security equipment is supplied to over 4,000 dealer centres on a monthly basis, as a genuine security accessory to factory cars, and is positioned as the recommended aftermarket upgrade in hundreds of dealer centres.

Subscription-Free Tracking

StarLine offers the end-user tremendous value by not charging subscription costs for our live tracking service, effectively eliminating the ‘middle man’. With the purchase and installation of one of our GPS-GLONASS products (including alarm-based systems and tracking devices), you gain lifetime access to StarLineā€™s ConnectedCars network and all of its features. There are no ongoing fees and no catch! Learn more about subscription-based vs. self-managed tracking >>>

Unparalelled Value

In addition to subscription-free live tracking, there are quite a few more premium extras built-in, that most other product manufacturers sell as separate products and charge hundreds for, such as iCAN (CAN-BUS immobiliser), iKey (digital remote start), anti-hijack, and dual-zone user-adjustable sensors. There is no other company in the world that offers this many premium features at no extra cost to the end-user. So, you are literally saving hundreds when you choose StarLine, as you are receiving several products as one package, which – elsewhere – you would have to pay extra for. Learn more about StarLine’s revolutionary technologies >>>

Fully Customisable

When you opt for a generic out-of-the-box system by a maninstream manufacturer, you have to adapt to the product. But when you opt for StarLine, the product adapts to YOU! StarLine technicians are trained to adapt the system to every customer’s individual needs. Any non-standard feature you want can be programmed into the system for you. Any feature you do NOT want – can be removed. A big part of this, you – the end-user – can control yourself at any time post-installation! Learn more about customisation >>>

Updatable Firmware

StarLine systems are updatable. Every time an update comes out, it can be obtained free of charge and downloaded onto to main unit. Moreover, whilst most other companies that offer updatable GSM-based vehicle security equipment charge a fee for periodic system updates, StarLine systems that feature a GSM interface can be updated by the end user, without having to visit a technician. It is easy and free – you simply request an update via a text message, and the update is downloaded automatically for you.