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StarLine is UK’s fastest growing professional automotive security solutions provider to private and commercial vehicle owners.

Amidst UK’s worst ever vehicle theft epidemic, StarLine has taken the concept of vehicle security to a whole new level, because quick fixes and generic solutions will no longer do.

We are not merely selling a product; we are providing a platform for professional technicians to build a solid, multilayered vehicle security package tailored to any particular vehicle, and taking into account its owner’s unique needs for security and comfort, as well the vehicle’s inherent vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited by thieves.

We offer solutions that are research-based, proven, and reliable, designed not only to combat the ever-evolving techniques used by modern-day vehicle thieves, but also meet the demands- and suit the lifestyle- of the contemporary vehicle owner.

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Common Vehicle Theft Methods

How many of these is YOUR vehicle vulnerable to?

Over the last 2 years (2019/2020) we have seen a sharp increase in thefts, and a particularly worrying new trend is the rise of brutal carjackings and vehicle theft via property burglary, both of which put the owner’s physical wellbeing at risk, as there have been dozens of serious injuries and several deaths reported via these methods of theft last year alone.

Tradespeople are a particularly vulnerable group as LCV owners are not only targeted for their transport, but also the contents in the rear. Dozens of tradespeople lose their livelihood every month due to tool theft

Owners of popular cars with the factory-fitted keyless entry system, are at an increased risk of theft via the so-called relay attack. It is believed that over 50% of vehicles stolen in the UK over the past 2 years were stolen via this method.


Tool theft from LCVs
Keyless theft (the 'relay attack')
Physical key theft
Key cloning via OBD-II
Theft of external parts
ECU swapping
Social engineering / trickery
CAN-BUS shut down

Established in 1988, StarLine is a brand that has proven its reliability and trustworthiness over the years across the globe.

Proven, Reliable, Trustworthy

StarLine has earned its reputation for being the most trusted and sought-after professional OEM and aftermarket vehicle security solutions provider. Our equipment has been homologated by 20+ leading vehicle brand manufacturers, and is used as a genuine accessory on factory cars, as well as positioned as the recommended aftermarket upgrade, in over 4,000 dealer centres.

ECU protection

Engine compartment protection

Battery protection

Digital immobilisation (iCAN technology)

Restricted access wireless engine cut-off relay(s)

Keyless entry system protection

OBD-II port protection

Effective owner notification (GSM)

Full perimeter protection (all doors, boot, bonnet)

Internal siren(s)

Autonomous tracking device(s)

Cabin microphone

Dual-zone shock (impact) sensor

Dual-zone tilt (lift) sensor with adjustable sensitivity

Accelerometer (motion sensor)

Anti-smash window film

Anti-hijack algorithms

High-precision location detection and GPS tracking

Proximity warn-away sensor(s)

External siren + horn honk

Intelligent remote start

Glass break sensor

Designing A Solid Vehicle Security Package

A qualified StarLine technician will provide a professional consultation and expert advice on securing your vehicle based on the following model:

Selecting The Platform
Patching Up The OEM
Tying Up The Loose Ends

We believe that the backbone of a modern high-quality vehicle security system, is a platform that encompasses several key components that are mandatory for the vehicle’s security and the comfort of the owner in its everyday use. The platform can then be customised for any particular vehicle owner’s unique needs and individual budget — adding and removing components as desired.


StarLine i96

StarLine i96 is world’s most advanced digital vehicle immobiliser and anti-hijack system, featuring multi-point immobilisation, 3 forms of driver recognition, and a digital set-up interface.


3xCAN | BT

From £399

Supplied & Fitted

The S-Series

The StarLine S-Series platform is a professional full-spectrum Connected Car alarm-based vehicle security system that is extremely feature-rich, advanced, and customisable.


2CAN/2LIN | BT | GSM | GPS (Optional)

From £750

Supplied & Fitted

StarLine M66

StarLine M66 is a unique and intelligent tracker-based micro security device that is tiny in size, but packs a powerful punch with a host of impressive security and comfort features.



From £350

Supplied & Fitted

Award-winning concepts and solutions.

StarLine has accumulated over 30 international awards over the past 6 years. StarLine’s scientific achievements, ground-breaking inventions, and unweavering dedication to quality has made it the undisputed leader in the automotive security industry, trusted by millions of private and corporate consumers worldwide – a fact proven by our impressive collection of awards, including the prestigious EFFIE™ Award (‘Brand of the Year’), the YELL Consumer Trust Award, twice voted Trademark Nr.1 In Motor Trade by millions of independent consumers, Vehicle Security System of the Year (StarLine B96 Ultimate), and even the Cannes Festival Corporate Award!

Taking Automotive Security
To A Whole New Level

  • Security / Risk Factors
    What methods of theft is YOUR vehicle vulnerable to? How many of them do you need protection from?
  • Connectivity
    Would you like to be in contact with your vehicle 24/7, anytime, anywhere? How would you like to communicate with your car?
  • Performance
    Minimum intrusion, maximum performance — a system that adapts seamlessly to your car, ensuring stable and reliable performance, day after day.
  • Comfort
    Super intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing for a host of user-comfort upgrades, such as remote start, window roll-up, hands-free, and lots more.
  • Innovation
    We don’t use outdated concepts and solutions. Only the latest technologies that are continuously updated and streamlined to stay ahead of the criminals.
  • Value
    Most of our packages have several products built-in that are sold by other companies as separate products, allowing you to save hundreds of pounds!

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Discover the latest in advanced automotive telematics. StarLine’s Connected Cars network is super user-friendly and designed to ensure that you’re always in touch with your vehicle – any time, anywhere. Remote access to settings.

Free lifetime subscription and unlimited access to all the features at StarLine’s connected cars network with the purchase and installation of one of StarLine’s Connected Car packages, installed by an authorised StarLine technician in the UK.

State-of-the-art patented technologies, invented and pioneered by StarLine engineers, used in this product, offer a unique mix of proven and reliable ‘old-school’ (analogue) algorithms combined with the latest contemporary digital solutions — to create an intelligent superproduct designed to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

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